"We look for unity, but unity in diversity."

GFWC motto since 1901


Upcoming Meetings

Please contact us at womansclubolympia@gmail.com to join us on the 1st Tuesday at noon or the 2nd Wednesday at 7 p.m.

If you are visiting our website and would like to donate to The Woman's Club of Olympia, you may do so here.  We accept any and all donations and appreciate them very much.  We are a community inspired non-profit organization and we volunteer within our own community.  Donations can be used for one of the many high school graduate scholarships we award each year, or may be used to help support other non-profits in our community doing good and making a difference locally.  Your donation will help our mission and will go toward good causes.  Please check the donation box below if you are interested in making your donation.  

"My Favorite Places" documentary features 

The Woman's Club of Olympia.

Local television station, TVW, is featuring the Woman's Club of Olympia and the Abigail Stuart house in a documentary with former Secretary of State, Ralph Munro.  Mr. Munro does a series of documentaries of his "Favorite Places" and he chose The Woman's Club of Olympia as one of his favorites.  We are honored and you can see the completed video here!  Enjoy 

The Woman's Club of Olympia has undergone many changes in the last couple of years.  We made many renovations as you can see in the slide show below.  Click here for  Slide Show of Renovations