Adopt a Document

Welcome to the Woman's Club of Olympia Archival Project

We are proud to be working with The Evergreen State College during 2016 to preserve the rich history of this Club. 
We will give you access to a scanned copy of a document and you type them up and send them back! There are transcription programs that can make it faster and easier. 
Here's Rachel carefully scanning in the brittle documents. 

Meet the Team: Randy, Rosie and Rachel

Randy Stilson, a library archivist at The Evergreen State College, is offering insight into archival management and material preservation. He oversees the work of two interns, Rosie Bigelow, a grad student at Clayton State University in the Archival Studies Program is cataloging the physical documents, and Rachel Carlson is scanning in the oldest documents and photographs, preserving them to their best condition. All three are volunteering their services to ensure that the history of this Club is preserved. We are very grateful. (Rosie pictured below)

Volunteer Archivist